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Henriëtta Wilhelmina Wiederholt1730

Henriëtta Wilhelmina Wiederholt
Given names
Henriëtta Wilhelmina
Married name
Henriëtta Wilhelmina van Straten
Baptism February 26, 1730

Publication: Vol. 12, So-Sz (2005) ISBN: 0-7972-1032-6
Citation details: Straaten, p290, a3.
MarriageJan van StratenView this family
November 9, 1746 (Age 16 years)

Publication: Vol. 12, So-Sz (2005) ISBN: 0-7972-1032-6
Citation details: Straaten, p290, a3.
Historical Event 1754 (Age 23 years)

Source: Wikipedia
Note: A population count in the Cape shows that there were 5,510 Europeans and 6,279 slaves in the Cape Colony
Epidemic May 1, 1755 (Age 25 years)

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Note: Smallpox epidemic breaks out at Cape Colony. A total of 2,372 people die
Historical Event July 1776 (Age 46 years)

Source: Wikipedia
Note: Americans declare independece
War December 20, 1780 (Age 50 years)

Source: Wikipedia
Note: Britain declares war on the Netherlands. French troops arrive at the Cape Colony to guard it against the English
Historical Event 1780 (Age 49 years)

Source: Wikipedia
Note: The Fish River is made the eastern boundary of the Cape Colony
War 1784 (Age 53 years)

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Note: French troops depart the Cape after the Treaty of Paris (3 Sep 1783) is signed
War from 1789 to 1799 (Age 58 years)

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Note: French Revolution
Historical Event 1795 (Age 64 years)

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Note: The Dutch East India Company is in financial ruins. 29 January – Farmers expelled the officials of the Dutch East India Company and established an independent government at Graaff Reinet. 18 June - Swellendam follows Graaff Reinet and declares a republic under Hermanus Steyn. The Netherlands is invaded by the French under the leadership of Napoléon Bonaparte. A republic is declared by Dutch revolutionaires and the Prince of Orange flees to England. 16 September – British forces under General Sir James Henry Craig seizes the Cape Colony for the Stadtholder Prince William V of Orange. The republics of Graaff Reinet and Swellendam reject the British and the British army is sent in.The start of free trade was announced
Historical Event March 5, 1797 (Age 67 years)

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Note: The Cape becomes a British Colony
War from May 18, 1803 to November 20, 1815 (Age 73 years)

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Note: Napoleonic Wars
Natural disaster 1809 (Age 78 years)

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Note: A severe drought occurs in eastern frontier region
Town founded 1812 (Age 81 years)

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Note: The settlement of Grahamstown is founded
Town founded August 27, 1818 (Age 88 years)

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Note: Cradock is founded
Historical Event 1820 (Age 89 years)

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Note: 17 March - The first British settlers arrived in Table Bay, Cape Town on the Nautilus and the Chapman. 1 May - The Albury reaches Cape Town bringing settlers to Albany, South Africa. They arrive in Algoa Bay on 15 May. 2 May - La Belle Alliance reached Cape Town. She brought British settlers to Algoa Bay. 4000 British settlers started arriving in Algoa Bay (Port Elizabeth), they settled in Grahamstown and along the frontier
Economic Event 1825 (Age 94 years)

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Note: Rix dollar Dutch: Rijsksdaalder is converted into the British sterling
Historical Event 1835 (Age 104 years)

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Note: Voortrekkers start leaving the Cape Colony
Town founded 1844 (Age 113 years)

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Note: Settlement of Victoria West is established
  1. Generation 1
    1. Henriëtta Wilhelmina Wiederholt, daughter of Hendrik Lodewyk Wiederholt and Geertruyd Loos, was baptized on February 26, 1730. She married Jan van Straten on November 9, 1746.