Our family connections - Ons familie verwantskappe

Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of this website?
How do I see the names of the individuals named private?
New account (step-by-step guide)
I registered but did not receive any emails

What is the purpose of this website?

This site has been created by Chris, after his father Lucien had started collecting a large dataset of relatives. It is intended to be used by anyone connected to us. We would like to record all connections, while respecting the privacy of living individuals.

How do I see the names of the individuals named private?

This site hosts information of anyone who is related to persons already listed on the website. If you think you should have access, please go to the "login" screen and request an account. Please explain your relationship and once a moderator has processed your request, you will receive an email with instructions to complete the registration process.

Please be patient, some of my tests have indicated that it could take about 15 minutes for the email to be sent.

See the detailed FAQ on obtaining a New account for all the steps involved

New account (step-by-step guide)

After clicking on the login menu, you will see the following login screen

Request new account








Click on the "Request new user account" link. The following page will be displayed.

Fill in form

There is a reminder (circled in red) to respect the information of living people. Fill in all the fields

Below  is an example of a form that has been filled in.

When all fields are filled in hit "continue". You should see a confirmation message similar to the one below.

You should then wait for an email to arrive at the address you have supplied. It will look somewhat like the example below. 

Click on link as requested...your web browser should open 

and enter the password that you have provided and click on "send". 

You should see the following message in your browser.

You have now verified your email address (the process is automatic up to this point). You now have to wait until an administrator (a real person) reads her email and evaluates your request. If approved, you will be notified by an email message similar to the one below

I registered but did not receive any emails

Between July 2016 and 14 Dec 2016 emails were not being sent out by the server. As of 15 Dec 2016 this problem has been resolved. If you tried to register as an user in this period, please try again.