Barend Jacobus van der Merwe + Anna Elizabeth de Klerk

1 child
Birth: July 21, 1808 35
Death: July 25, 1866Western Cape, South Africa
Birth: calculated May 2, 1773 28 24Eastern Cape, South Africa
Death: January 25, 1850Eastern Cape, South Africa

Facts and events


Citation details: Death notice: Johanna Sophia VAN DER MERWE (1866), MOOC 6/9/116 #2868, image 2240/2278 : accessed 24 Mar 2017
Citation details: van der Merwe, p577, b2c13d4e4.

Anna Elizabeth/Sophia de Clerk

She signs Jacobus van der Merwe's death notice (her husband) as Anna Elizabeth de Clerk, but in her daughter's death notice her name is mentioned as Anna Sophia de Klerk. Possibly her middle name was confused with her husband's first wife's second name.