Johannes Izaak Frederik Marais + Elizabeth Margaretha Maria Marais

No children
Baptism: February 13, 1757 46 19Western Cape, South Africa
Baptism: April 16, 1769 45 35Western Cape, South Africa
Birth: August 8, 1825 40 19
Baptism: July 3, 1785 26 32Western Cape, South Africa
Birth: February 14, 1806 34 32

Facts and events

Marriage about 1845

Citation details: Marais, p458, b2c11d2e9.

First wife of Johannes Izaak Frederik MARAIS *30.12.1809

[SAG 5, p458, e9] shows that he married Elizabeth Margaretha Maria MARAIS and had six children.

The first daughter, Maria Magdalena MARAIS *22.6.1840, has her mother named as Maria Magdalena MARAIS in her death notice. The death notice of Maria Magdalena DU PLESSIS +1844, shows one child Maria Magdalena and husband Johannis Isaak Frederik MARAIS.

Since children 2-6 of J.I.F. Marais have birthdates starting from 1846, it supports the assumption that he was first married to Maria Magdalena DU PLESSIS, and after her death in 1844, he married E.M.M. Marais b2c1d3e4f4. Further support for this is the fact that their first daughter (p458, f4 *22.10.1848) is named after E.M.'s mother, Rachel Maragaretha GROBBELAAR.

Note: Date based on death of his first wife (1844) and birth of son (Izak Stephanus) in 1846