Hendrik van der Merwe + Johanna Christina Erasmus

5 children
Birth: January 29, 1790 39 19
Death: October 8, 1846Nieuweveld, South Africa
Birth: calculated April 25, 1793 42 22 Cape Province, South Africa
Death: September 2, 1864Dist. Lady Grey, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Birth: calculated July 26, 1794 44 23 Cape Province, South Africa
Death: February 11, 1870Dist. Kroonstad, Free State, South Africa

Facts and events

Citation details: Death notice: Francina Carolina VAN DER MERWE (1846), MOOC 6/9/42 #8802, https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSQX-MSTN-X?mode=g&i=200&cat=331262 image 201/2283 : accessed 27 Mar 2017
Citation details: van der Merwe, p582, b2c14d6.

Identification of Hendrik van der Merwe with SAG van der Merwe, p582 b2c14d6.

Hendrik van der Merwe x Johanna Francina Erasmus and their daughter Francina Carolina (1791-1846) x Salomon Jacobus Jacobs (1765-1841)

Starting from the death notice of Francina Carolina, we know she is the widow of Salomon Jacobs and the daughter of Hendrik vd Merwe and Johanna Francina Ersamus. Her husband's death notice gives his second name, thus Salomon Jacobus Jacobs. Her fourth child is called Johanna Cristina.

A search in SAG reveals only one match for a H vd Merwe marrying an Erasmus. This record gives Hendrik's wife's name as Johanna Christina and not Johanna Francina. Since a number of Hendrik's granddaughters are named Johanna Christina I conclude that the death notice of Francina Carolina is not correct in naming her mother as Johanna Francina.

SAG however has Carolina Francina as Hendrik's daughter and not Francina Carolina. This is possibly based on baptism records - and should be checked. Furthermore SAG indicates that she marries Abraham Jacobus Jacobs and not the expected Salomon Jacobus Jacobs. Despite this slight inconsistency I will identify Hendrik as the Hendrik in SAG van der Merwe, p582 b2c14d6. and on that basis will include Francina Carolina's siblings.

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